Branding yourself is much more than just coming up with a thoughtful logo or slogan and it’s more than just a unique color scheme. Your personal brand is a reflection of who you are and what you stand for. It is a reflection of your core values and how you are making your corner of the world a better place. Check out these super simple steps you can take to start creating your successful brand image.

Step 1: Don’t Examine the Competition

While many experts will tell you to do the complete opposite, I personally disagree. When we spend too much time focusing on our competition and how they do business, we tend to get stuck in comparison paralysis! We start “seeing” all the ways they are better than we are, and feeling like we’ll never be as good as them.

The truth is that they are struggling more than it appears, and they are probably thinking you have it all together. So don’t waste your time comparing yourself to your competitors. Instead focus on who you want to be.

Step 2: Identify Your Strengths

What are your strengths? I know you have them, or you would not be in business, so take some time cataloging them. Now ask yourself how these strengths can improve the experience your customers will have when working with you. Ask yourself which of these strengths are your customers looking for. Not all of your strengths may seem important to your customers, but if they make your business behind the scenes better they are still worth recognizing.

Once you’ve realized your strengths, and what strengths are important to customers, you can think about ways to successfully market these to the public and involve them in your branding campaign.

Step 3: Know Your Customer

Getting to know customer is always a great idea, and is going to serve you and your business more than you can imagine. What are they looking for? What problems are they hoping to solve? How do they live, work and play? Knowing your customer’s lifestyles, needs, mindsets, and attitudes and their  personality traits are key to marketing success.

Step 4: Be Your Brand

Take the time to create your brand based on your core values, and you will always easily be your brand. If you need a little help identifying the core values behind you and your business be sure to check out the FREE Branding Your Biz Masterclass linked below. In about an hour you will have incredible clarity on just who you are, and how to present that to the world in your branding details.


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