Discover how Crystal created a thriving business and a life she loves by taking that critical step forward.

Sometimes the step we need to take isn’t so scary, but when it feels daunting and overwhelming we feel just as stuck. If you would have asked Crystal to describe her life in the fall of 2016 she would have told you she was always surrounded by chaos and clutter.

As a part time working mom of two, she couldn’t understand how things had gotten so crazy and messy. She knew she should have plenty to time to do all the things necessary to take care of her family. Yet she never seemed to have the time needed to keep her family fed, her house clean and healthy meals on the table. And getting the kids to where they needed to be was even more of a struggle.  No matter how hard she tried she just couldn’t seem to keep up.

On top of all of the clutter and chaos, her energy levels were low making it even more difficult to “try harder” to keep on top of everything.

And then the day came when she had her big “aha” moment and took her first step to freedom!

In this “aha” moment Crystal realized that trying harder wasn’t the answer to her struggles. What she needed most was to declutter, de-stress, and simplify her life.

She decided to start with her kitchen and eating habits, by signing up for my 30 Day Reboot online workshop. In as little as two weeks Crystal began seeing a huge difference. She felt better, more focused and more energetic from her simplified approach to eating. But she also began to realize how much easier it was to feed her family in the middle of their busy day-to-day lives with an organized kitchen.

Pretty soon, having an organized kitchen and simplified diet wasn’t enough for Crystal. She began organizing all aspects of her life. The more she decluttered her life, the less stress she had. Within a matter of months Crystal’s life had completely changed.

And she found a new purpose in life!

Organizing her life was only the first step in Crystal’s new purpose. She was ready to organize the world! She knew far to many others stuck in chaos as she had been, and she knew she could help.

Launching her business Cloud Nine Organizing was a natural next step for her, and in a little over a year Crystal has taken her renewed purpose and turned it into a thriving business. Now every day she has the honor of helping others take charge of their life as they begin to declutter, de-stress and simplify their own lives.

If you would like to learn more about Crystal I invite you to check out her website She is a master as what she does! Plus she offers Virtual Organizing and online workshops so anyone, anywhere in the world, can rise up from the chaos and clutter!