Give your visitors the chance to connect authentically with the real you.

One of the biggest mistakes I have seen people do is to make their About Me page a professional resume. YAWN … When all you have to offer is a bullet point list of your education, training and certifications, you are going to bore your website visitors. Also they might just get the wrong impression about you, thinking you are just bragging, or that you are insecure and unable to share who you really are. No matter what they think, one thing is for sure. They are not going to connect with you as a person.

As consumers we make purchases with our heart. We want to be moved to making changes and purchases. We want to feel like we are making a good decision. A bullet style resume doesn’t get us there.

So take the time to share your story… your “why” you are doing what you do, and connect with your visitors on a personal level. Here are some tips to help you …

What struggles have you faced that guided you to creating the business you now own?

We have all had struggles in life, and as an entrepreneur you have never been one to go hide away in a corner when things get tough. You are an action taker and a problem solver by nature, and there is a good chance that your willingness to take action and solve a problem inspired the idea for your business.

Share your struggles. Share the moment when you decided “enough is enough” and wanted to take action. Let your visitors know how your struggles have lead to your mission to make the lives of others better.

A good example is my own story as to how I became a web designer. It all began during my days as a Life & Wellness Coach and how hard it was to create a professional online presence with the mediocre website tools available on the market. I must have recreated my website a hundred times, used dozens of so called “awesome” tools. Nothing ever looked awesome and few people actually even found my website. So I found a better way, and here I am. (Feel free to read my story by clicking here.)

What product/service do you believe in sooooo much that you have to share it with others?

Do you sell products that have changed your life? Products that have helped you feel better, made your life easier, or that are so fun you can’t imagine why everyone doesn’t have one? Perhaps you now offer a service that was once life changing for you. These are the stories want to hear so, share it!

Share how your life has been impacted. Let your visitors know how amazing you think this product/service is, and why you have made it a part of your everyday life.  Share how challenging things were in your life before you discovered your amazing product/service. Share the pain you experienced and how your life is now.  Let everyone know your mission of getting this product/service out into the world where it is most needed.

What life changing transformation have you experienced that you can help them with?

No one becomes an entrepreneur because of a “good” experience. Taking this path of owning your own business is not easy, which is why there is a driving passion behind every successful entrepreneur.

My dear friend and client Crystal with Cloud Nine Organizing is an excellent example of this. In December 2016, Crystal decided to get her life organized. As she states on her Facebook page, “Becoming organized has absolutely made my life less stressful! I’m happier and more fulfilled but I have less stuff.” Her driving passion to organize her life turned into a full time booming business in less than 12 months. Now she helps others online and in person transform their life just like she herself did.

When your ideal customer connects …

When your ideal customer connects with you as a person, when they can relate to the story you are sharing, they are going to want to know more. They are going to reach out, ask questions, follow you on social media, subscribe to your newsletter, and eventually hire you to help them!

And remember, if they don’t reach out, ask questions, follow you etc. then they are not your ideal customer! So let them go with love so you both can find exactly what you are looking for.