You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to easily create fresh website content

When I was a young and naïve entrepreneur I found myself feeling overwhelmed with creating fresh website content to share with my customers and newsletter subscribers.  I had this crazy idea that I couldn’t use the same content for my blogs, social media posts, and newsletters.  As I was following the “business rules” I had been taught I was striving to share two blog posts, three newsletters, and approximately 70 social media posts each and every week, and each one unique.

As you can imagine, being a one woman show I failed at this miserably.  What I did manage was a lot of inconsistency, that often annoyed my customers and newsletter subscribers.

Finally, I got smart, and realized that no one can accomplish all of this, and stay authentic to their vision.  Now I focus on quality content that I can share in multiple ways.  Take a look at my process below.

Start with a great blog post

I strive to create one new blog post per week.  This provides continual fresh content to my website, and is very manageable.  There are often times when I am inspired to write multiple blog posts in a week, and that is great!  When this happens then I am weeks ahead and can take a little break from writing when I need to.

You don’t have to get crazy with your blog posts, and they don’t have to be the length of a novel. Simply share your knowledge in expertise in around 300 – 600 words.

Share my blog post with my newsletter subscribers…

One of the many benefits to a great newsletter is driving people back to my website.  The more visits I receive the more popular it becomes in search engines.  Plus, it never hurts to have people familiar with your website.

So that is why I use my newsletter to share my latest blog post.  I always start with an intro, something a little more personal and intimate than the blog post itself like a story, personal experience, or belief.  I also make a point to include a direct link to my blog post within. I may even include the image from my blog post with the title, both linking back to my blog post at the end of my newsletter.

Pull out great quotes

If I have done my job well in writing my blog post, I will have some great one liners that I can use to create some great social media image posts.  Take a look at these examples below

Share your story, experience or belief on social media

Now that I have my image posts created I will use snippets from my newsletter to share along with these images and a link to my blog on social media.  I can even just share the snippets with a direct link back to the blog or even to my newsletter sign up.

As you can see from one great blog post I have found four ways to connect with my customers. Everything from newsletter subscribers and social media followers without having to re-invent the wheel.

Now if you have an awesome content sharing tip, I’d love to hear it! Simply hit “comment” below and share your knowledge and expertise!