Design Your Website For Your Audience that feel comfortable with your ideal clients.

As I have said many times before, your website is your front door to the online world. So it only makes sense to design your website for your audience in a way that feel comfortable and easy for them to use.

Take a look at these customer examples and tips for designing the website that would connect with them instantly.

The Busy “On-the-Go” Mom

Her average age is late 20s to early 40s, and she is comfortable with technology. Her days are packed with to-do and responsibilities, and she has very little free time. What free time she has is mostly likely while the family is sleeping or watching TV or while she is hanging out at her kids practices.

Here is what I would do when creating a design for the target market of the busy mom “On-the-Go…

  • Must look fabulous on her smart phone because that is most likely where she is doing a bulk of her searching.
  • Keep it simple for easy reading because she doesn’t have time for more than that.
  • Ensure it is elegant and clean because that is something she most likely craves in life.
  • Get to the point of what I am sharing to show respect for her busy schedule and lack of time
  • Keep audio and video to a minimal as she is often in public places when searching (piano lessons, softball game, etc.)

Small Business Owner

No doubt that the small business owner is putting in a lot of long hours for work. Their free time is mostly in the form of quick breaks between meetings, or in the late night and early morning hours.

Here is what I would do when creating a design for the target market of a small business owner…

  • Super simple website that is easy to navigate as they are short on time, and probably won’t come back later if they don’t find what they need now.
  • Use awesome visuals that are relatable instantly, and tell a story like what they are living.
  • Short videos for quick instant information that offer incredible value
  • Quick and to the point descriptions

The Over 55 Crowd

Having not had a lot of technology growing up, it is very possible that your over 55 client is not going to be comfortable with technology. For this reason you want to make sure your website is a simple and easy to use as possible.

Here is what I would do when creating a design for the target market of  the over 55 crowd…

  • Avoid animations and moving parts. These most often create more distraction than anything.
  • Chose a classic design that is easy to navigate as they aren’t as comfortable with exploring websites
  • Ensure menus are clearly visible and easy to find. Side banner menus, or ones hidden under a hamburger icon will be missed.
  • Avoid auto-playing anything. This can feel like an assault to their ears, and drive attention away from what you communicating with your website.
  • Clear concise working that is grammatically correct. This is a value that was instilled in them at an early age.
  • Use larger font sizes as their eye sight may not be what it was once upon a time.

The Side Bonus

When you take the time to design your website for your audience there is a lovely little side benefit most people don’t think about. This time tuning into your ideal client strengthens your voice in communicating with them, which in turns strengthens your confidence as a business owner. And when you show up with confidence and your focus centered on serving your customers in the best possible way, you’ll experience a big a win-win.


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