Creating an Evergreen Mini E-Course Lead Magnet

To continue on with our Lead Magnet series, this week I am discussing the Evergreen Mini Course Lead Magnet. An evergreen mini course gives your potential customers a really close look at you, your business, services and products. While it isn’t quite as intimate as a social media challenge, it is a great way to display your talents in a professional setting.

This is also a great approach to take if you are hesitant to get out there on camera. Where as a social media challenges often involve live videos, a mini e-course will be delivered as pre-recorded videos via email. This allows you to have the luxury of doing as many takes as you need to get your videos just right. You also have the option of editing before anyone sees what you have created.

If you are one of the many with a fear of being on camera you are not alone. To put yourself out there on video for the first time is a big step. One that can be difficult to take. A step that my dear friend, Susie Buck and I chat about in this week's interview.

Susie is the owner of Inner Light Engineering, an active practitioner of International BodyTalk, and the incoming president of BodyTalk South Dakota. Susie has stood in front of crowds of thousands presenting her expertise, but this didn’t stop her fear of stepping in front of that camera to create her own first mini e-course.

Interview: Recording Your First Video Lead Magnet

Creating An Evergreen Mini Course for your lead magnet.

Just like the social media challenge, you want to provide a mini course that promises quick results. This is going to show the power of working with you. It will show the impact you can have on a person’s life. Your mini course could be one lesson teaching a valuable skill, like Susie’s Two Minute Time out.  It can also be a bit more in depth consisting of multiple lessons.

In my own evergreen mini course Heart Centered Branding, we create the basics of our brand in just 5 lessons.  Lessons that can be completed in about 10 minutes per day. This provides measurable quick results, in a short amount of time, making it a big win.

What if my evergreen course is longer?

Like the social media challenge, you are only going to engage your ideal customer for a few days in a free course.  If your course goes longer, I encourage you to consider breaking it into a few parts and creating a series. This could be a series of freebies to be released over a longer period of time, or it could become your first evergreen paid e-course.


Interview: Recording Your First Video Lead Magnet

Click here to check out Susie’s mini e-course lead magnet, the Two Minute Timeout Stress Reliever.