Focus on Your Value First When Building Your Home Page

Whatever it is that you do you want your website to reflect the value you have to offer. You could be a social media expert, purse designer, or coffee roaster. Each of these roles are valuable to someone in the world, and guess what… They could be looking for you!

Check out this Facebook Live Chat where I share the #1 trap to avoid and how to make your homepage work for you!

Video Recap

Building a home page can be an overwhelming task. After all it is our online storefront to the world, and the entry point for those who need exactly what we have to offer. We feel pressured to make sure that everything is perfect, and in it’s place. And all too often we don’t know where to begin so we venture out and look at what others are doing for a little inspiration. And in doing so we often lose site of the value we have to offer.

There is nothing wrong with getting a little creative inspiration, but many of us taking this way beyond creative inspiration. Here is what I have seen happen countless times…

  • We start off looking at websites offering products/services similar to ours
  • Soon we land on the websites of our competitors
  • Next we start comparing ourselves to our competitors
  • Our brains start thinking about all the cool value they are offering
  • And we start rethinking what we are doing
  • We begin to build our page “similar” to what they have
  • Our website becomes an industry cookie cutter
  • We blend into the crowd and fail to stand out with the true value we have to offer

it’s a vicious cycle really, and many of us don’t even realize we are doing it. I have never set out to copy my competition, yet as I was planning what it is I wanted to share with you today, I knew that I have done this myself in the past far too many times. So how do we hop off the copycat cycle and build a webpage that is all our own?

Create a mindset focused 100% in our own value. 

We all have something amazing to offer. There are people out there looking for us, people who need us, and who’s lives will be that much better because of us. and we share this by simply having a conversation with our website visitors and sharing up front how you will make their life better, and how they can get started.