Creating a business, brand and website that brings in Referrals & Repeat Customers

One of the sure signs of success in when you reach a point in your business where you regularly receive referrals, and repeat customers. It takes time to get to this point, but once you do you have discovered the secret to what makes you stand out from the crowd, while your competitors are blending in.

It probably isn’t hard to understand why I love referrals, repeat customers and on the spot sales, but I am going to share a little any way…

Referrals come from people who know you best and love what you do!

To clarify I am talking REAL referrals. Not the tags on facebook we sometimes get from people who haven’t actually worked with us. A real referral is one that comes from a client who can’t stop singing your praises. They could be active or past, but either way they love what you did to make their corner of the world better, and they love to share it with others who need you.

These referrals are a golden opportunity, as they come with a little bit of the like, know and trust factor built in. How is that you might be ask? Well…

  • They are more likely to LIKE you because someone they know and trust likes you.
  • They feel that they KNOW you already, even just a little bit because of what they have heard about you.
  • TRUST is already started as someone they trust has already established a trusting relationship with you.

And as any successful business owner or business coach will tell you, the like, know and trust factor is a key element to developing solid customer relationships that last and grow.

Repeat customers which are the bread and butter of a successful business.

It is true! Repeat customers are often what keep us afloat when things slow down, and for me they are one of the greatest joys in my business.  Seriously! Repeat customers are amazing because

  • I have already developed a solid relationship with them.
  • They trust me to take care of their needs so they can get back to doing what they do best.
  • And most importantly, I already understand them. Their needs, desires and goals are already clear and I am already onboard to serve them.

So what creates solid Referrals & Repeat Customers?

The simple answer is YOU. Those reaching out to you because a friend recommended you or because they have worked with you before are doing so because they want to work with you.

Now I know you are right now thinking, “Teresa it can’t be that simple!” And you may be about to click the back button, but I am going to ask you to step away from that back button and hear me out! 😊

At the center of your business is your brand, and your brand is so much more than a clever logo and pretty colors. That is just window dressing. Yes it has an important role in your business, but there is so much more people are looking at. There is so much more behind the scenes that drives your success.

What people feel matter, and what they feel is based on the experience you give them.

This my friend is the core of your brand… The customer experience you provide. Think about it! Have you ever gotten a lead because your logo is cool? Or has anyone ever said to you, “OMG! I have to work with you because your signature color is pink!” Even Elle Wood would look beyond the colors in your brand to what you hold in the center.

The fact of the matter is that when you consistently create an unforgettable customer experience you’ve reached the zone of success. Success that

  • Solidifies your brand
  • Fuels future success
  • Just feels good!

Success that feels like you are doing what you are meant to be doing in this crazy world we live in!

So Teresa, what does this have to do with websites?

Well my friend, the customer experience you create often BEGINS WITH YOUR WEBSITE! The pages of your website may very well be the first impression a potential client has with you, and as we all know, first impressions last!

It isn’t just the first visit however it’s every experience they have with your website, from scheduling a call to completing an intake for or client questionnaire. It’s ease of finding what they need when they need it, and it is how you make them feel when they are on your website. All of this matters.

So if you are ready to explore just what your customers are experiencing on the pages of your website, I have a little homework for you!

Homework Time!

Don’t worry this isn’t the boring homework of your childhood. In fact, it can be fun especially when you do with your favorite beverage in hand!

Grab your devices (laptop, computer, smartphone, tablet) and pull up your website. Spend a little time looking at it and ask yourself these questions…

  1. Is it easy to contact me through my website?
  2. Is what I do clear to everyone who visits? (Ask a 5th grader what they think! Their insights will be invaluable.)
  3. Is my website easy to read and navigate on a computer? A smartphone? A tablet? (Yes! I want you to actually look at all 3!)

Now let’s take it a little deeper and get in touch with our feelings. So put the technical aspect of your design aside and tap into how it feels when you are using your website like a customer.

  1. How does it feel to look through your website? Are you finding what you need easily, or is it frustrating?
  2. What do you feel when you fill out your intake form or client questionnaire?
  3. Do you feel confident and comfortable when you schedule an appointment through the website?

This phase of your review can be a little tricky, so feel free to reach out for help on this one. Just be sure to ask someone who is ready to be loving, kind and 100% HONEST!