There is so much more to a website design than just design!

I have been seeing quite a few ads out there lately on Facebook promising an “Hours to Launch” website template, and I have to say this promise makes me crazy! Here’s a little TRUTH BOMB ? for you… A website that truly supports your business is not going to be launched in hours!

It doesn’t matter how cool the template you buy is, or how much money you spend on it, or how new the tech they use is. There is more to a website that just the design.

You need to have a plan before you start to build and YOU need to be at the center of your website! So how do you make that happen? Check out these tips below…

1. Determine the PRIMARY PURPOSE of your website.

When it comes to truly supporting your business through the pages of your website you need to be clear on what the primary purpose of your website is. I get it you want to do everything you can to promote your business and make money, but your primary purpose can’t be everything!

Take a moment to think about this… What is the ultimate goal of your business? The number 1 thing you offer to make your corner of the world a better place. This is your primary purpose!  And your website needs to be focused on supporting this!

2. What do you need your website to do for you now?

Now that you know the primary purpose of your website, it is time to identify exactly what you need your website to do for you. As my dear friend and client Susie says, “Your website should be working as hard as you do, and my website is my administrative assistant!” Susie needed a design that could support her business by offering

  • Online scheduling for her clients
  • Maintaining a record of her Health Intake forms
  • Processing online payments quickly and easily

Knowing what she needed her website to do for her at the time of launch, ensured that she had a website that perfectly fit her needs. Even if she had decided to build her own site, as many people do, knowing this would have made the process that much easier for her.

So what do you need your website to do for you when you launch?

  • Schedule clients?
  • House intake forms?
  • Deliver online courses?
  • Offer a great blog?
  • Sell products?

The only person who can make this decision for you is YOU, so don’t listen to what everyone else is saying “you should have.” Simply go back to your primary focus and work on creating a website that supports you today. There is always time to grow to the next level!

Need a little inspiration identifying what you need your website to do for you? Click here to check out Susie’s project

3. What do you need your website to do for you in the near future?

I am going to take a minute here to help you get real with yourself…

What are you SERIOUSLY planning to do in the future as your business grows? 

I know there is a lot of pressure out there these days to create revenues of passive income. Things such as selling products (digital or physical) and offering courses. These are all great avenues to explore, but you don’t have to do them!

These solutions aren’t for everyone and stressing yourself out about how you are going to offer this in the future is just a rabbit hole you don’t need to explore. And as Denise DT shares in her book Chillprenuer, “Creating passive income still requires work, sometimes a lot of work, at the start to set it up and keep it going.” 

So again, I want to ask you again…

What are you SERIOUSLY planning to do in the future as your business grows? 

This is the only thing you truly need to consider. If the other things do become a serious pursuit later on, there will be solutions that fit you perfectly when the time comes.

So for now focus only on what you are actually working on developing. Like my client, Nicole, who has since become a dear friend who launched her coaching business in 2019. Nicole knew she was going to be selling products and she knew was going to develop a course to support her clients. She knew exactly what the course was going to be about, and was ready to make it a reality in 2020. Knowing she needed a website that sold her digital products and could house her online course to support her clients in the future made it so much easier for us to find the perfect website solution for her!

Click here to get a look at Nicole’s design project along with a sneak peak of her course.


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