Creating an Interactive Quiz Lead Magnet 

This week as we continuing our Lead Magnet series with one of the most fun lead magnets I have ever created and participated in – the Interactive Quiz Lead Magnet. 

An interactive quiz is a great tool that can easily be shared on social media. When set up well, a quiz will offer immediate value.  It also will entice your ideal customer, making them want more. Below I have shared two different ways to approach setting up your quiz.

A Quiz Offering Results by Email ~

When creating your quiz that emails results, you want to make sure you ask enticing questions. Questions that are so juicy they will gladly provide their email address for the results. A great example of this format is the Empowered Woman Quiz from Paula Lacobara.

Paula guides you through getting connected with how you are responding to the world at this moment.  She then emails you your results along with the action steps necessary to start living a more balanced and empowered life.

What I love about Paula’s quiz is that it encourages authenticity without judgement.  And the results are always delivered with a loving, encouraging and supportive message.  To see what I mean, click here to take her quiz.

A Quiz offering Immediate Results and a Bonus ~

Sometimes it may be necessary to offer results up front, to create the engagement you wish to have.  Results that can then be shared on social media so others will be enticed to take your quiz as well

In my own Branding Color Quiz, on my Inspirational Web Designs site I ask one simple question, and provide immediate results.  I then offer the opportunity to go deeper with a short mini course, which they receive access to via email.

There are two clear benefits to this approach …

  1. I drive traffic to my website, improving my overall visibility
  2. Only those truly interested in what I have to offer opt in for the mini course

Together these two benefits help me build my list with actual potential clients, rather than just adding a bunch of new names who aren’t interested in what I have to share.

A final piece of advice…

If a quiz is something that interests you, start with the value you want to offer and build from there in the direction that works best for you.  Doing so puts you in a place of service to others which your ideal customer will find attractive, and come one step closer to becoming your paying customer.