Not Every Website Needs a Blog:

Tips and strategies to ensure your website is working to make your life easier with Teresa Schlup

November 2, 2022

Your website should make your life EASIER, not harder! 

There are so many rules around what a website should and shouldn't include, should and shouldn't be... my guest in this week's episode, Teresa Schlup shares how it's OK to break the rules and design a website and the systems behind it that work to support YOU and the life you want to create with your business. 

We get into: 

  • What Teresa is doing differently as a website designer and what her unpopular opinion is
  • How less is more when it comes to web design 
  • Why you might reconsider wrapping your entire business up in your website 
  • What your website visitors REALLY want to know about you
  • How to use your contact page to set boundaries and ensure your website promises what you can actually deliver on
  • And more! 

Talk Copy to Me Podcast with Erin Ollila

When it comes to your website design & copy there are no rules you need to follow. Sure, there are best practices, but your business and your growth is what dictates the strategy for what best practices you should follow (and dare I say, which you shouldn’t?!).

Join me and Erin Ollila, SEO Website Copywriter as she finishes up her website series by discussing how business owners can set their own rules for their websites and ways to be strategic while doing so.

Featured Expert 

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