Finding Perfect WordPress Theme for your website needs allows you create the website of your dreams!

One of the first steps to creating a website, once the planning stage is complete is choosing your theme.  A theme is the design behind the over all look and feel of your website.  Your theme defines the colors, fonts, logo position and image sizes used and much more.  Depending on the theme each of these may be customizable, or they may not be.  This may not be an issue for you, but before you install “something pretty,” read on for some things to consider when looking for your perfect WordPress theme.

Have you defined your Business Branding?

If you have taken the time to identify your business branding, then you have already determined your fonts and colors.  Therefore, it is crucial that you find a theme that allows you to incorporate both. I personally am a huge fan of Divi by Elegant Themes. It is a premium theme with fair pricing and incredible flexibility.

Is your Ideal Client Connecting using SmartPhone?

The answer to this is likely yes.  We are in a technology age and smart phones are no longer just for high business executives.  Everyone from 3rd graders to grandma’s (and even great grandma’s) are using smart phones these days, and if they are your ideal client they are likely to view your website on their phone.

For this reason you have to choose a theme that will look fantastic on that smart phone or other type of device such as a tablet or iPad. The term used to define designs that adjust to the device is Responsive.  If your theme doesn’t specifically state that it is Responsive, then it is safe to assume it will not look fantastic on anything other than a computer or laptop screen.

Do a little Research

Once you have found a theme that has what you are looking for, take sometime to do a little research.  Try doing a Google search for the theme name and/or author.  More than likely you will find a screen similar to the one below giving you a lot of details.

Check out the overall rating and read the reviews.  Check out the support documents and see if they are going to give you the support you need. Some authors will also provide a list of websites that use their theme.  If you have this list, go and take a look at those examples, which will give you a better indication how the site will look for you, and it may even inspire you with new ideas.

Keep your site clean

It is highly likely that you will install a theme or two that turns out not to be a good fit.  When this happens, make sure that you remove the unused themes as having them can impact the overall performance of your website and slow things down.