Does Your Responsive Web Design Look Amazing on ALL Devices?

One of the things that I promote with my clients is the fact that our web designs are responsive, which in a nutshell means your website looks good and easy to read on all devices.  This includes your iPad, Kindle, iPhone and Galaxy, tablets, and laptops. I am actually a bit obsessive when it comes to making sure my clients responsive web design look amazing on everything.

Yet, over the weekend I discovered there are far to many of us out there taking the promise of “responsive” for granted.  We assume things look amazing because our theme or platform clearly states it’s responsive, when in fact there are some key design aspects that we (the people behind the design), have to take into account to ensure your pages actually look amazing on all platforms and not just good, and maybe readable.

Let me elaborate…

Over the weekend I was checking out various Brand Strategists, as I am looking for some extra support in promoting my new soon to launch program. And it just so happens that I was searching for the perfect fit from my iPhone while hanging out at my daughter’s softball games.  I found some incredibly amazing people who’s SEO was on point, and had me quickly clicking through to their website.  Yet once I got to their website, things went downhill quick.  Take a look at the things I found…

  1. Images blending with font colors, making most of the text unreadable
  2. Line spacing too squished causing words to be layered on top of words, making most of the text unreadable
  3. Menu links in white, on a white background, making the link unreadable
  4. Beautiful content boxes covering up even more beautiful faces, making most of the text nearly unreadable

Are you catching the theme here… Their gorgeous responsive websites were virtually UNREADABLE from my iPhone.

Here is the sad ending to this story…

I have no doubt I came across some incredibly talented and amazing people.  People I would most likely enjoy working with, yet I will probably never contact them. And I did not take the time to check out their website on my laptop.  And here is why…

I am about to launch an amazing incredible new program and I need someone who

  1. Has a keen attention to detail
  2. Is really focused and thorough AF
  3. Will pay attention to the tiniest of details

And as these people failed to do these things on their own websites, I can’t help but wonder if they are a good fit for me.

Perfection is necessary, but…

I get it, mistakes happen, and errors are all part of putting ourselves out there.  Tiny errors are easy to miss, and no doubt we all have a few from time to time.  But when those tiny errors make our content unreadable, it’s no longer a tiny error. It’s a big problem.

So take the time, right now, and go check out your page on your smart phone, your iPad, or tablet.  Check it out on different browsers such as Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla. And give a little effort to making it look AMAZING across the board.  Your clients and potential clients will assure you that this is time well spent.