Time to review your products and services.

The holidays are literally knocking at our door, which means holiday promotions are gearing up as you read this. If you are a think ahead kind of entrepreneur, you’ve probably already done this, so give yourself a high five a take a little break to bask in the glow of your success. But if you are a procrastinator, (like I often am) it is time to roll up those sleeves and review your products and services!

Take a look at this quick checklist created just for you to help you get everything on track.

Review descriptions

Don’t just read through things in that free minute between meetings. Take the time to really dive in and read what you have as a description for each product or service. If it helps, find a comfy place away from the office and read through things on a different device. This will put you in a different mind set and help you see things through fresh eyes. (Check out this post A Fresh Look At Your Website Content for a little extra help on this one!) 

Review support documentation

Do you have documentation that was created to support you, your employees or your customers? Now is the perfect time to make sure that is in tip-top shape. Especially if you are going to be upping your marketing efforts.

Test everything (Yes EVERYTHING!)

Test the flow your website, how quickly pages load and how well images look. Look at your products and service pages on multiple devices and test everything there. Go through the actual purchase process and make sure it is working seamlessly. If it isn’t you will lose out on sales.

Review your Marketing

How you are you letting the world know you have these amazing products and services available? Do you use social media, print ads, newsletters? Whatever you are using, now is the perfect time to review this process to make sure you are connecting genuinely with your target market.

Connect with your Team

Now that you have everything updated and in place, take sometime to connect with your team. Let them know your immediate goals and what you are going to do to achieve these goals. Help them understand win a way that makes it easy for them to support your goals.

Going deeper…

Take your review even further by asking someone close to read them as well. Don’t just grab who is handy. Look for someone who loves you, supports your success and isn’t afraid to be honest.