Making your testimonials work for you on the pages of your website.

You don’t need me to tell you how valuable testimonials are. You are a smart savvy entrepreneur after all, and you’ve seen how those glowing recommendations can work for you! But are you really putting them to work? Sure you may have a testimonials page on your website, but there is so much more that you can do! And today I am going to share some super easy tips on making your testimonials work for you.

Testimonials are mini sales pitches that someone else is making on your behalf. This is pure gold when it comes to promoting your products and services, simply because we are all sold on the experiences of others. Think about this… have you ever opted into a service or purchased something simply because a person close to you told you how awesome it was? Of course you have and your dream customers have too!

Now let’s see just where you can use all those little gold nuggets of praise!

The Testimonials page

Yes I know that you know this is the obvious place to put them, so what I really want to share is a little strategy.

  1. If you are just starting to gather testimonials and only have a few, wait to publish this page.
  2. Instead sprinkle these few testimonials out in other places on your website!
  3. Actively seek out more testimonials to share so you can showcase your many testimonials on your Testimonials page.
  4. Get creative displaying your testimonials rather than using just a continuous scroll of text (Click here to check out my testimonials page for an example. Want another example? Check out the testimonials page on Rebuilding Wellness with Sue Ingebretson 

The Home Page

Your home page is the perfect place to share some of your most glowing testimonials. Simply create a section on your home page titled something like, “What others are saying…” or “Don’t just take my word for it!” And share your top 3-5 testimonials.

A few tips for sharing on your home page…

  1. Keep the testimonials short. If you have a really long one that just needs to go on the home page, you can always share a little then link to the full testimonial.
  2. If you’re using a testimonial slider make sure that the average person has time to read each testimonial before it slides on to the next, and included “Previous” and “Next” arrows to allow the reader to scroll through at their own pace.
  3. When adding the testimonials take the time to ensure it flows well with the home page design, and doesn’t looked squished or awkward.

About Me Page

While you don’t want to clutter your About Me page up with a bunch of other stuff, strategically placing a testimonial or two that shows just how awesome you are can be the little push a website visitors needs to reach out and start working with you.

A few tips for sharing on your About Me page…

  1. Make sure the testimonial is talking about you specifically rather than a product or service.
  2. Ask the person behind the testimonial if they would be willing to be a reference.
  3. When appropriate, share the givers name and website address (BTW… This tip works every where you post a testimonial!)

The Services Page

This is a great place to share testimonials that are specific to one of the services that you are offering. You don’t have to share a bunch, in fact one solid testimonial about a particular service is perfect.

A few tips for sharing on your Services page…

  1. Only share testimonials from people who have actually used your service.
  2. Keep the testimonial short and to the point. You want your website visitors to immediately see the value.
  3. Add emphasis to the key benefits mentioned by bolding and italicizing key words so they jump out at the reader. (This tip works every where you post a testimonial!)

Your Contact Page

This is a fabulous place to share those testimonials that encourage the reader to contact you right away, or that working with you was the best thing they ever did. It can help create a sense of excitement and urgency that nudges the reader to actually contacting you and getting started.

A few tips for sharing on your Contact page…

  1. Choose testimonials that showcase the value and benefits you offer.
  2. Like the home page, keep these testimonials short and easy to read on a quick scan of the page.

Your Sales Page…

When you are preparing for a big launch of a new service offering, creating a sales page is website design 101. And including testimonials in that design is key, especially if what you are offering is something outside of the box that others aren’t offering.

  1. Use images whenever you can to personalize the testimonial that much more.
  2. If your customer is willing, capture their testimonial on video.
  3. Ask those sharing a testimonial to share absolute facts, details and numbers of the benefits they saw in working with you.

Final tips…

Here are a few final tips for making your testimonials work for you on the pages of your website.

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for testimonials. Not everyone is going to give one, and that’s okay. Trust me that often has more to do with them, than it does with you.
  2. Ask for specific information. It is great when customers write, “Teresa is so awesome! Call her today.” But it really doesn’t say why I am awesome. Asking for details like those listed below can help you gather testimonials that work for you even more!
    1. How was your experience in working with me
    2. Would you recommend me to others
    3. What were the top 3 things you loved about…
  3. ALWAYS GET PERMISSION TO SHARE! Let me say that again… always get permission to share the testimonial and get it in writing. Be clear where you plan to share it. I usually say something like… Thank you so much for sharing this with me! Are you comfortable with me sharing this in my website, social media and print marketing materials?