January Blog Planner

I don’t know about you but I am so excited for the new year! I feel like the last few years have been preparing me for something BIG and I am already getting a glimpse at what this year will bring. Here is the really cool part… it is only a glimpse!

I have no doubt there are even more amazing surprises in store for me and I cannot wait to watch them unfold! And I have to say I am just as excited to watch your miracles unfold! But chatting isn’t going to motivate those miracles to show up, so let’s get started planning your January blogs!

How to use this planner…

  • Give yourself time to do the Inspirational Activity. This activity is going to get your creative brain waves moving, it is going to be fun, which is something we entrepreneurs don’t often enough!
  • Review the list of blog topics I have shared and highlight any that pop out at you.
  • Start planning your focus and blog posts for the month of January.

Lastly I will be sharing with you my secret weapon to keeping up with a heavy post schedule. Batch work!

Batch work is where you do similar tasks all at once, (like writing rough drafts of your blog posts) and it is truly a game changer and something I encourage you to try.

Now let’s get started! Click planner image below to download this months blog planner!