It’s time to review your Google Business Profile!

At the start of a new year, there are lots of things to do to prepare your business for success in the year to come. Some of these can be time-consuming and perhaps even complicated. But there is one task that literally takes minutes and has a powerful impact on your business  – reviewing your Google Business Profile! 

What is the Google Business Profile?

Your Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business) is a place online where you can quickly and easily share essential information about your business. Most importantly it is a place online where many of your dream customers are looking, so if you aren’t there, your competitors will be the ones getting the attention.

Don’t have a Google Business Profile set up yet? Click here to get started! 

Making the most of your Google Business Profile?

Your Google Business Profile makes it easy for you to engage with potential customers in one of the places they hang out the most. From this free listing in the world of Google you have the power to quickly and easily share

  • Who you are
  • What you do/offer
  • How to connect with you (in one click!)
  • When you are available
You can also easily share
  • Your booking link
  • Products and Services you offer
  • Photos that highlight your business personality

The best part about the Google Business Profile is it is free!

Seriously if you haven’t set up your Google Business Profile click here to get started! 

Reviewing your Google Business Profile

Google has been rolling out quite a few changes over the recent months making it easier than ever to ensure your business profile is always up to date. Here is a quick video showing you how easy it is!

Need a checklist?

I have that too! Just click the image below to download your free, no strings attached Google Business Profile review checklist!

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